It’s true. Everything's better with bacon. A lettuce and tomato sandwich? A little sad. But a BLT? We’re on the way. 

We're rounding up a list of Columbia SC’s most delectable dishes with bacon (and, for the purpose of this piece, we will include bacon’s sophisticated, un-cured and smoke-free cousin, pork belly as well). 

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich | Fancy That! Bistro and Catering

Is breakfast without bacon even breakfast? At Fancy That, two fried eggs are graced with a dollop of pimento cheese and, of course, bacon, on a toasted croissant. 


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Chicken Bacon Ranch Calzone | Za’s on Devine

When bacon, pulled chicken, Za’s white sauce, onion, tomato and cheddar are tucked inside a freshly-baked calzone it’s a good day in Columbia SC. 


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Twisted Spur Brunch BLT | Twisted Spur

Peppered bacon, cheddar, fire roasted tomatoes, mixed greens, pesto mayo and fried egg are piled on grilled sourdough to make this a brunch BLT worth rolling out of bed for. 



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Voodoo Burger | Private Property

Lexington gem Private Property boasts a burger for bacon lovers who just can’t get enough heat. Ghost Pepper Jack cheese, chipotle mayo and jalapeños give this bacon burger some serious kick. 


Uncle Jack’s Chicken Breast | Yesterday’s

Yesterday’s has been serving up comfort food to Columbians for over 40 years. Uncle Jack’s Chicken Breast is smothered in cheese, bacon and Chipotle barbecue sauce. Comfort food at its finest. 


Cobb Salad | BLD Diner

A perfectly proportioned Cobb Salad makes it feel that all is right with the world. BLD Diner has this down to an art form. Clemson blue cheese, cheddar, boiled egg, avocado, tomato, Boone country ham and bacon are topped with buttermilk dressing for a salad that’s something to write home about. 


Fiery Ron’s Burger | Home Team BBQ

You can’t do a bacon roundup without a major-league burger, and Home Team nails it. Fiery Ron’s starts with two 4oz patties, then layers American cheese, house-made bacon and all the trimmings on a brioche bun. 


The Grand Chef Salad | The Grand

Because even bowling is better with bacon, get your fix for both at The Grand. The chef salad includes turkey, ham, cheese, egg, tomatoes, bacon and cinnamon pecans. 


Pork Belly Cuban | Hendrix

If your up on the late side and need a bacon fix before the rooster crows, Hendrix’s late night menu delivers. Sourdough bread is topped with honey Dijon, pickled cabbage and house-made bread and butter pickles along with delectable pork belly to pull you through.