Art aficionados don’t fret. Columbia’s art scene spans from grit to glamour, from local to global and from traditional to new wave. Here are some galleries to visit to take in the best the Soda City has to offer.

City Art Gallery's

City Art Gallery’s Main Exhibition Gallery features solo and group exhibitions, a Second Level Gallery houses a collection of City Art Represented Artists’ work where 30 to 60 artists have their work on display at one time, and the Small Works Gallery is filled with paintings, sculpture, pottery and photography.


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If Art Gallery

If Art Gallery shows contemporary art from South Carolina artists as well as the rest of the United States and Europe.


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Columbia Museum of Art

With exhibitions ranging from Jackson Pollock to Van Gogh, the Columbia Museum of Art boasts an international renowned collection, traveling shows and exhibitions and art that spans 5,000 years of global history in 26 galleries.


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701 Center for Contemporary Art

701 Center for Contemporary Art is a 2,500 sq. ft. art gallery that hosts regional, national and international exhibitions free to the public. The center encourages interaction between visual and performing art, and literary and media arts. 


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Stormwater Studios

Stormwater Studios features showings from resident artists as well as local, regional and national art shows. The gallery presents up to 25 different exhibitions a year.


Frame of Mind Art Gallery

Frame of Mind Art Gallery is an alternative art venue created to help get exposure to non-traditional local artists. Openings typically feature a visual artists with some form of a performance artist such as paintings paired with poetry.  


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The Henry Ponder Gallery

The Henry Ponder Gallery on the Benedict College campus is committed to the preservation of African and African American culture. The collection of nearly 200 pieces focuses mainly on contemporary art on paper.


Anastasia & Friends An Art Gallery

Anastasia & Friends An Art Gallery is a fun little gallery in the lobby of the Free Times on Main Street. The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions in downtown Columbia with opening receptions every first  Thursday of the month as a part of the Main Street First Thursday art crawl.


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Lewis + Clark

Lewis + Clark features handmade post-modernist lamps, robots and other hand crafted art created by Clark Ellefson. The gallery also features award-wining furniture designs.


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