In addition to being the official vegetable of South Carolina, collard greens become the star of the show around this time of year for another reason.  If you’re from the South, you probably grew up eating collards — in addition to black-eyed peas and cornbread — on New Year’s Day to bring prosperity, wealth and luck in the year ahead. 

We can definitely get on board with some time-honored traditions, but we also just love warm comfort food on a cold winter’s day. Here’s where to find both traditional staples as well as fresh takes on New Year’s Day dining in Columbia SC. 

Traditional New Year’s Day Fare

One of the stars of the New Year’s Day show in Columbia SC, Lizards Thicket offers the trifecta of cornbread, collards and black-eyed peas year round but efficiently doles out even more of this goodness than normal - along with other Southern staples -  on January 1. 

Blue Marlin in the Vista may be known for shrimp and grits, but their collards are also a winner, cooked with ham and bacon in the traditional style. 

The War Mouth is offering a New Year’s Day special for $25 which includes hoppin’ john, collards, cornbread, pork loin, grits and banana pudding. Bottles of champagne are $15. 

Midwood Smoke House in Cross Hill Market offers collard greens as a standard side, but will also offer specials for New Year’s Day in addition to their mouth watering barbeque, brisket and burgers. 

Yesterday’s in Five Points not only serves up the traditional collards and black-eyed peas as sides, but they also feature Hoppin John, a savory dish featuring black-eyed peas and rice cooked to tender, comforting perfection, along with other Southern staples. 

The traditional collard greens from Mr. Friendly’s are prepared with country ham for extra savory goodness. 

Innovative Takes

If you prefer a slightly nouveau take on the New Year’s Day meal, try Bourbon for dinner and order the black-eyed pea hummus as an app. 

Mix it up with collard green and smoked turkey egg rolls from Big Bull’s Bang’n BBQ and Southern Comfort Food in Northeast Columbia

Publico Kitchen & Tap offers a New Year’s Day Pajama Brunch or “Wear What You Wore Last Night” Brunch and will be serving their regular brunch menu. 

If you’ve had enough of TV binge watching and want to get out on the town, Cola’s will be open on New Year’s Night beginning at 5:30 for dinner and will offer their regular menu as well as specials that will be announced that day.