Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

More than just a place for barbecue and all the fixins, the Midlands is home to plenty of tasty meat-free meal options for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone wanting to try something different.

Natural foods grocery stores such as Rosewood Market in Columbia and 14 Carrot Whole Foods in Lexington, also cater to the needs of people seeking out vegan and vegetarian-focused ingredients, locally grown produce, and prepared to-go options. 

One of the longest-running vegan establishments in Columbia is Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe on North Main Street. They’ve been serving up animal-free home cooking since before it was hip in the form of mac and cheez, slow-cooked collards, tempeh ribs and more.


Good Life Cafe, in the heart of Main Street, offers a vibrant and creative menu of raw, vegan, nut-free and gluten-free options for people of all dietary needs. Their juice bar also offers freshly pressed options that can provide a refreshing reset or a multi-day cleanse.

Many other Midlands restaurants have a growing number of vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menus that feature locally grown produce as the star of your plate.