From self-quarantining to working from home, 2020 has become the year of being bored in the house. Thankfully, mindless Netflix binges and personality tests have been our saving grace. One test in particular, the Enneagram, has rapidly gained popularity and we’re here for it. If you share our obsession with the Enneagram and all things Columbia SC, then do we have a treat for you. Keep reading to find out which iconic capital city spot you are based on Enneagram!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Enneagram and totally confused right now… Enneagram in its simplest form is a system of personality typing that categorizes people into one of nine types. A quick Google search will give you several resources and free tests. Hop to it and go figure out your type. We’ll wait.

1 The Reformer | South Carolina State House

For a One, rules are made for a reason and they’re meant to be followed. They pride themselves on their integrity and morals, and they strive to improve themselves and their world around them. And what better representation of that than our South Carolina State House? Where the rules get made, and legislators make it their life’s work to make the Palmetto State the best it can be. With One’s determination and aspiration, it’s no surprise some of the world’s most famous leaders like Margret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter are Ones.

While guided tours of the inside of the State House have been suspended, you can still take in all of its beauty with a self-guided walking tour.

2 The Helper | Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

It’s all in the name. Twos are notorious for going out of their way to help and care for their friends, family, and even strangers. No one can relate to that kind of unwavering commitment and love better than our friends at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. From the roaring lion to the smallest of fish, Riverbanks goes above and beyond to care for the 2,000 animals that call this award-winning zoo home. The adorable residents aren’t just the only ones who feel the love and joy of Riverbanks, the visitors feel it too. With every visit, you can bet Riverbanks will pull out all the stops to make it better than the last.

Experience it for yourself and get in the holiday spirit with Lights Before Christmas!


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3 The Achiever | University of South Carolina

With 10 Fulbright Awards, the nation’s best public university honors college, and a highly regarded international business program, the University of South Carolina knows what it means to be an achiever. Success-driven and motivated, the sky’s the limit at UofSC, and that’s exactly how Threes see the world. Not only are Threes fueled by their own achievements, but they’re also the biggest cheerleaders to the people around them. Just how UofSC believes in its students, you can always count on a Three to hype you up and cheer you on until you’ve reached the finish line.

A stroll through campus for a self-guided tour will be enough to have you feeling inspired and motivated to start working on those New Year’s resolutions.


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4 The Individualist | Soda City Market

For Fours, anything “basic” or “average” must be avoided at all costs. They crave uniqueness in themselves and in the world around them, and they’re fueled by being able to express themselves and their creativity. Making Soda City Market a Four’s heaven on earth. With a seemingly endless number of local vendors proudly displaying something SC hand-crafted or grown, buskers filling the air with music, and the smell of the mouth-watering food options, Soda City Market’s beauty, and its one-of-a-kind experience is the furthest thing from “basic.” The market’s perfect reflection of the Four aesthetic will give a Four all the feels.

Open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the 1300-1500 blocks on Main Street. Check it out, and you’ll see how it’s second to none.

5 The Investigator | South Carolina State Museum

To Fives, knowledge is power. They want to know all the things and understand how the world works, and the South Carolina State Museum shares that same curiosity and hunger for knowledge. With four museums in one, a planetarium, the Boeing Observatory, and a 4D theater, SCSM has all the answers you seek. Here, asking lots of questions is celebrated, and eager Fives leave feeling inspired and ready to share their newfound knowledge with whoever who will listen.

Discovery and adventure are ready to welcome you on Sunday, and Tuesday – Saturday.


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6 The Loyalist | The Homes & Gardens of Historic Columbia

Like a true Six, Historic Columbia is fiercely loyal and protective of the Columbia community, and it’s committed to preserving the history that it holds. And the historic homes and gardens it oversees, along with its advocacy work, are living proof of that loyalty and commitment. Not to mention, the stunning architecture and beautifully landscaped gardens have a peaceful presence that can calm even the most worried of Sixes, and we know y’all like to worry. But we also know Sixes love to be prepared, and Historic Columbia has a number of tour options on its website to make planning a day trip a breeze.

7 The Enthusiast | Nickelodeon

Sevens are the life of every party, they hate FOMO, and they’re always on the hunt for an exciting new experience. From its colorful neon signs to its diverse show lineup, the Nickelodeon knows how to have a good time, just like our free-spirited Sevens. The fun even extends beyond the walls of this local theater with the yearly Indie Grits Film Festival. Locals and visitors alike take bliss in the excitement and buzz of celebrating the Southeast’s film region with the Columbia-favorite festival that lasts over a week (Now that’s a party!).

Although Indie Grits had to be virtual this year, you can set your sights on future festivals and catch a show through the virtual screening room to get your flick fix.

8 The Challenger | Segra Park, Home to the Columbia Fireflies

When it comes to a challenge, the Fireflies are always ready to step up to the plate. Just like Eights, the Fireflies are gritty, strong, and determined to give it everything they’ve got to get that “W.” But Eights don’t just challenge themselves, they encourage those around them to challenge themselves as well. And while the Fireflies maybe hustling on the field, the spectators might be given a challenge of their own. With hysterical between-inning games that are all in good fun, spectators are put to the test, and the winner walks away with a prize.

Until we can get back to rooting for our favorite team, you can still experience the Fireflies spirit with one of the socially-distant friendly events, like movie night in the park!


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9 The Peacemaker – Congaree National Park

Nines are the definition of “Chill.” They’re laid back, easy to get along with, and all they want is a little peace and harmony. The Columbia equivalent of that could be none other than Congaree National Park. The park offers over 26,000 acres of pure tranquility where visitors and woodland creatures get to enjoy the largest intact tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the U.S. You can hike trails, or, in true Nine fashion, you can literally go with the flow and canoe.

However you want to experience CNP, the park will be ready to be your peaceful escape when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle.


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